What is a design review?

A design review is an informal critique of your app from a design perspective. It’s meant as a high-level examination that helps identify areas for improvement and is intended as impartial feedback on how effectively your app is fulfilling its stated purpose.

What is reviewed?

I review visual elements, such as line, colour, balance, and contrast, structural design principles such as hierarchy, grouping, and consistency, and usability elements such as user flow. It depends on the function of the app, and what your goals are for the review. I can focus on specific areas of concern if required.

How is the review conducted?

Reviews are done via a one-hour screensharing session. When you book the review, you will be asked to fill out a form so I can learn a bit about your app, any concerns you might have, and your goals for the review. Once the review has been successfully scheduled, I will send you a link for the screensharing session.

Can I get a written review?

Yes, I can provide a written critique at an added cost. Select it as an add-on service when you schedule your initial design review session.