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Gorgeous FileMaker UI design that will engage your users and supercharge your productivity.

Building better FileMaker solutions.

A FileMaker solution is at the heart of many companies and organizations. Millions depend on it every day to run almost every aspect of what they do. When developing a new solution, design isn’t always top-of-mind. But it should be!

The truth is that a well-designed user interface is key to helping people get more done—quickly, with less hassle, and fewer errors. It lets users easily gather information and solve problems, maximizing their productivity.

As a certified FileMaker developer with a focus on UI/UX, I’ve been helping clients make the most of their investment in custom FileMaker development for over 20 years. I specialize in creating functional and effective user interfaces designed to simplify business processes, reduce manual entry, and eliminate gaps and errors.

Don’t just build a FileMaker solution, build a better FileMaker solution.

What is UI/UX design?

UI stands for User Interface design, while UX stands for User Experience design. 

User interface design focuses primarily on the look of the final product—font choices, colours, and so on. User experience design is typically more involved, and involves analyzing and optimizing the flow of user processes to make it more engaging and efficient for users to interact with your app. In other words, delivering an optimal “experience.”

Ideally, you have a combination of both, since the look and arrangement of the objects on screen—and the steps needed to complete a process—work together to make the best app possible.

Are you interested in learning UI design for FileMaker? Check out our site,
FM Design University!

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