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Improving the UI/UX design of a FileMaker app is one of the best ways to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and support organizational growth.

– Alexis Allen

Why invest in UI/UX design?

Investing in design pays dividends for your business. A well-designed app is easier to use and causes fewer mistakes you have to fix—freeing up company resources—and can even provide a framework for future expansion. 

The question really is, can you afford not to invest in design? As barriers to creating custom apps fall away and more competitors enter your business space, good design sets you apart and gives you a real advantage.

Not to mention, the average user is a lot more design-savvy than they used to be, and has much higher expectations from design than in years past. Failing to keep your design up to a modern standard can mean higher training costs, increased turnover, and lost growth opportunities.


How We Can Work Together

I can guide you through the design process, applying a user-centered approach to create an outstanding user experience. I identify pain points, gaps in the process, and opportunities for automation.

If we work together, we’ll design a FileMaker solution to lead the market. We’ll uncover your unique processes, user stories, and development plan. After the design phase, you can implement it yourself or I can do it for you with help from my network of partners. 

Interested in learning more about design?

My course, UI Design Basics for FileMaker: How to Prepare a Design Users Will Love, will teach you about design principles, collecting user requirements, sketching, and more. I show you how to start building a good design, step by step.

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